Message from the Board Chair

This year is going by so quickly and there has been much activity at Holy Cross College.  This is the first opportunity I have had to sit back and take a few moments to reflect on the past, the present and the future -  as a parent and as a member of the College Board. 

Before I take this opportunity to share with you a little about the Board I just wish to reflect very briefly on the past few years.

Many of the parents and teachers will remember the original College foundations - small, in comparison to the size the College has grown into today.  This was no small feat, nor planned by accident. As with life there is a beginning, and the foundations and building were the seeds.  The seeds we planted, nurtured, loved and watched grow, knowing that one day they hold a future promise.  Using the words from our College Patron Oscar Romero “We plant seeds that one day will grow.”

Holy Cross College has grown to a school of over 700 children from Kindergarten To Year 12 and is continuing to grow.  Watching the school grow, and our kids grow, is the future promise that our children have the best possible start in life.  To empower our children to let them live life to the full through learning, inter-relationships, faith and enrichment.

Stage 4 is nearing completion and Stage 5 of the College building programme has now commenced.   This includes the construction of a Junior School Learning Centre, a Arts Performing Arts facility, Undercover Area and converting the temporary music room into a food science room. Work around the reflection garden is nearing completion and the College oval is actually looks like a school oval.  If you have the opportunity to have a look and walk through some the College grounds you will be amazed at what has been accomplished. None of this would be possible without the dedication from Ms Connor, College staff, and you, guiding our children. 

As parents, we play an interactive part on the College Board.  The College Board is comprised of  members of the Parish, parents and the wider community. Our role on the Board is to support and assist the College and the Principal, Ms Mandy Connor, to help fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the Board Constitution, the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the Catholic Commission of Western Australia.

Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in Spring Term. Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. If wish to nominate as member on the College Board or wish to contribute in any other way, please let the College know.

The current Board Members are Mandy Connor(Principal), Marko Pasalich (Board Chairperson), Adam Bolton (Treasurer), Shane Adams, Chris Sorenson, Father Bonaventure (St Helena of the Cross Parish Priest), Louise Breadsell (Friends of Holy Cross representative) College Staff reporting and attending the Board Meetings are Peter Collins (Vice Principal), Jacqueline Sanders (Business Manager) and Paul Murphy (Deputy Principal).

As a parent I would encourage everyone, when the opportunities arises, to be involved and support the College in its meetings, activities and fundraisers.  In the end, our school is a building made of brick and mortar, it’s the young people and our commitment and spirit of giving that gives it life.

On behalf of the College Board we look forward to seeing you at the next College event and to your support of this great College.

Marko Pasalich
Board Chairperson

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