LIFE this week.   2017 Autumn Term 

Tue 30   May Junior School Assembly

Wed 31  May College Tours, Sacrament of First Eucharist Retreat Day

Thu 1    June ACC Cross Country Carnival

Fri 2     June Student Study and service Day, Staff Professional Development Day

Sun 4   June Pentecost

Mon 5  June Western Australia Day Public Holiday

Tue 6   June Catholic Day for College Staff, College Closed

Wed 7 June Frayne House Mass & Celebrations

Thu 8 June LifeLink Sleepout

Sorry Day and NRW 2017

The poster to the left asks us to reflect on some of the steps that have been taken to reconcile with Australia's First Peoples.

On Friday, Sorry Day, the College met together in Houses and  prayed for the Stolen Generations. We also made pledges that we would keep for the rest of Reconciliation Week. Part of our commitment in taking the next steps.

Committing to the Future:  Daily Steps Towards Reconciliation

Hands were produced by each Class and HTG from year 3 - 12 with a pledge written on the back of each hand. Some of these pledges were:

Today I will treat everyone equally and fairly
Today I will respect the rights of others no matter who they are
Today I will be sensitive and thoughtful to those around me
Today I will see people and not colours or race or clothes labels
Today I will accept that everybody is unique and special in some way
    Today I will talk to someone I don’t usually talk to

    Today I will speak out against racism, discrimination and injustice
    Today I won’t shut out someone because they don’t fit with my group
    Today I won’t laugh at racist jokes
    Today I won’t make fun of someone who cannot speak English
    Today I won’t be condescending and patronising towards others
    Today I won’t judge someone on how they look
    Today I won’t participate in racist behaviour or use derogatory names

These will be our pledges for the rest of this week and we are proud to display them to the Ellenbrook community as they visit and pass by our College.

Be peace builders 
Be the change in our world! 

Year 6 Pilgrimage

On Wednesday, 24 May, the Year 6 class, along with Miss Hickey, Mr. McRae and Mrs. Pastorelli went on a pilgrimage to visit The Sisters of St Joseph and learn more about Irene McCormack. We were fortunate enough to meet Irene McCormack’s sister, Bernadette, who told us lots of stories about Irene when she was young. We learned that she loved sports and that she was very close to God. We also met Sister Kathleen, who worked with and taught alongside Irene in the convent. From her, we heard stories about how amazing Irene was at teaching. We met Terry and his wife Anne, who went to football games with Irene. After that, we walked to The Sisters of St Joseph's chapel, where we learned the difference between a Church and a chapel. We then visited the St. Columba Catholic Church, where we celebrated a liturgy. On our pilgrimage we encountered ourselves, God, nature and each other. We all thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience. 

Year 6 student

Before School Expectations

With the addition of our exciting new play spaces there have been some changes made to duty areas. Therefore, of particular importance is the before school areas. As per normal, duty teachers do not begin until 8:10am. Please note that if your child is at school before this time they are not actively supervised and therefore, must be sitting down quietly until the duty teacher arrives. From 8:10am onwards, the children have access to three play spaces: Tui rear playground, the courtyard and the downstairs area (amphitheatre and grassed area). Balls are not permitted in the Tui playground nor on the courtyard. If children would like to play with this equipment, they must be downstairs on the grassed area. Please also note that the Fitzroy and New Norcia playgrounds are not open before or after school. We appreciate your support in reminding your children of these expectations.

Kylie Henderson and Vanja Basell

Assistant Principals, Junior School

Toys at School

Over the last few weeks there have been an increasing number of toys being brought to school. Just a reminder that toys (including soft toys, spinners, marvel discs etc) are not permitted at school unless they are required for a learning activity. In this situation, they should be handed to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kylie Henderson and Vanja Basell

Assistant Principals, Junior School

Junior School Update


Life in Kindergarten is always filled with lots of fun and friendship, while we are learning through play. 
As you can see from our photos, we have been very busy in both classrooms completing lots of different activities. We are working extremely hard on our name writing with correct pencil grip, number recognition, counting, shapes, letter names and sounds, as well as our fine and gross motor skills.  
Our learning environments are bright and colourful spaces that are filled with the children’s work. We would love for you to come and visit us in Tui to see more of our fabulous creations. 

Mrs. Jo Borg and Mrs. Emma Pring 
Kindergarten Teachers

Year 4

This term, Year 4 have been learning how to write an explanation. As their teacher, I am so proud of the work they have produced and would like to share a few in this week’s blog.

Mrs. Pieta Bloxsom
Year 4 Teacher

Recycle Paper Now!

Did you know what happens to paper after you throw it out? It goes to landfill. Here are some tips of how to recycle and re-use paper.

Tip One: If you like to create things this hint is for you! You could get involved in paper mache, create your own gift wrapping or you can use it to draw.

Tip Two: Grandma’s are going to LOVE this! You could clean a car, you could clean a BBQ or you could polish your shoes.

Tip Three: This tip is about shoes. You could scrunch up paper to put in your shoes. This will help keep your shoes in shape and keep them smelling good.

Why is this so important? Because if you throw it away it will become landfill, harm our environment or become a fire hazard. It is so important that we think about our environment.

Year 4 student

What happens once you Recycle Paper?

Recycling is one of the best things to do with objects. It saves many animals and saves the environment. Once you put the paper in the recycling where does it go? What happens to it? Come with me on this journey to find out.

Firstly, if you put paper in a normal bin it will go to landfill. Landfill is a massive pit dug in the ground and once it is full they place the dirt back on top. Some plastic and other waste takes more than 10000years to decompose.

If you put it in recycling, the garbage truck comes and picks it up and takes it to a recycling centre. At the recycling centre they sort it.

Secondly, they make impact cubes and put it into boiling water and it turns into this liquid ooze.

Eventually, it goes into a tray that is followed by a machine that threads it through a conveyor belt making it straight and then it is cut by razorblades and packaged for sale.

Lastly, here are some other uses for paper. Use it to clean BBQ’s and glass, scrunch it up and put it in your shoes to take away the smell and use it to wrap presents.
Everybody can recycle! It’s easy. It saves millions of animals and trees. Remember: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!

Year 4 student

Recycling Paper

Have you ever wondered what happens when your paper gets recycled? Have you wondered how you could recycle paper? Well, I have written an explanation to inform you how to recycle paper in your house.

The process of waste paper recycling most often involves mixing used/old paper with water and chemicals to break it down. It is then chopped up and heated, which breaks it down further into a mixture, which is called pulp or slurry.

Thirdly, what kind of paper can be recycled? Let me tell you; corrugated cardboard, newspaper, paper board, mail, scrap and phonebooks.

Finally, I encourage you to reuse paper instead of throwing it into the bin.


Year 4 student

Senior Production Tickets On Sale Now!!

Tickets for the 2017 Holy Cross College Senior Production of the contemporary comedy 'An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance' are on sale now! The show will be performed by the talented Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students and will be a fantastic showcase of their comedic abilities. The witty script has been written by contemporary American playwright Don Zolidis and students have tackled both the humour and the challenging Minnesotan accent with great enthusiasm.

The show will be performed over three nights on Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June 2017 in the New Norcia Performing Arts Building at HCC (the first performance in the new facilities)

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 for Students/Concessions, $7 for Children and Free for Under 5's. The content of the show is more appropriate for an older audience and is recommended for Secondary students and older.

Tickets can be purchased from and we are looking forward to what should be a fantastic Senior Production!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Year 8 Camino Salvado - Section Two

Congratulations to the Year 8's on completing Section 2 of the Camino Salvado on Friday 19th May. In following the footsteps of Dom Salvado, the Year 8's walked from St Charles' Seminary in Guildford to Bells Rapids, covering just over 20km. They are to be commended on their awesome participation, attitude, singing, and spirit in encountering God and each other on this pilgrimage.

Given the harsh weather the majority of students came to school well prepared. This is a timely reminder for parents to please make sure that your children have adequate wet weather gear in preparation for our next stage during Life Week in August.

Well done everyone!

Mr Ryan Shelton
Religious Education Coordinator

Junior School Update


The Pre-Kindy children have been buzzing with excitement since coming back this term. We are delighted at the fact that we have had many new friends start in our classes, which has made our fun and games much more enjoyable. We have been exploring all things that creep and crawl, as an introduction to our investigations on animals in our world. We are now starting to learn about all the different animals that live on farms. We have just started learning about shapes and are now very good at recognising circles, triangles and squares.

We now have a parent roster up on our door and we have been super excited to share all our fun and learning with our loved ones. There are still some spaces if you would like to come in and help. 

Mrs. Jacinta Tucker

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


What a busy time it has been in Pre-Primary! During English, the children have begun learning sight words in class and were very excited to take home their sight words booklets this week for homework. They are already identifying some of these words in books and around the room, as well as having a go at writing them during our Literacy activities. We have also been working hard on our sounds and how to blend the sounds in order to read and write CVC words. 

Mathematics has seen the children busily engaged in a range of counting and measurement activities. This term, we are exploring the concepts of length, mass and capacity. The children are learning to use comparative language when exploring these concepts and how to order things, for example, from lightest to heaviest. We have also been busy with a range of counting and number activities, such as making and counting collections of a given size, number recognition activities, counting to twenty and beyond, and identifying more and less. 

Thank you once again for all of the support, from making play dough and taking home washing on the weekend, to coming in on parent roster. Your support is invaluable! Just a reminder to ensure that you are regularly checking Parent CONEQT, as we will often send out messages regarding things going on in class, homework, etc. 

We look forward to a fantastic rest of the term.

Miss Abbey Rowlands, Mrs. Jacinta Tucker and Mrs. Dorota Fretwell

Pre-Primary Teachers 

Premier's Anzac Student Tour 2017

I was fortunate enough to have been selected as a recipient for the 2017 Premier's ANZAC Student Tour, which provided me with the opportunity to travel to Singapore with nine other students from across the state, to acknowledge the monumental defeat of the Allies at the ‘Fall of Singapore,’ the consequences this had on Australia’s relationship with the Asia-Pacific region, and also commemorate Anzac Day at Kranji War Memorial. 

Over the ten days, we visited several sites of historical and cultural significance, including the Johore Battery, Alexandra Hospital, Fort Siloso and Fort Canning Hill. We also visited Hwa Chong Institution and Stamford American International School, to gain an insight into life in Singapore as a teenager, and also learn about different perspectives of the Fall of Singapore. 
Our first day consisted of a cultural tour of Singapore, where we were able to witness the harmonious nature of the nation; it was incredible to be able to acknowledge the multiculturalism of Singapore, and to immerse myself in a new world. Visiting the Old Ford Factory Museum was an incredible opportunity to absorb the impact of the Allied surrender of Singapore, as we were able to stand in the room where British General Arthur Percival signed the official surrender of Singapore to the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita. We also had the privilege of visiting the Australian High Commission, where we had the opportunity to speak to Colonel David Hay, and gain an insight into Australia's modern day relationship with Singapore, and how this connection was influenced by the alliance of World War Two. 
Our tour culminated with the Anzac Day service at Kranji War Memorial; the service was incredibly moving, as it highlighted the strong relationship between New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and numerous other nations, too. Following the commemoration, we had the opportunity to pay our respects to the 4461 graves of fallen Commonwealth soldiers, some marked with touching inscriptions from loving family members, others only ‘known unto God.’ This was an emotional experience which enabled me to fully absorb the magnitude of war, and the consequences it has on armies, nations and families. 
Reflecting on my ten days in Singapore, I feel very proud of everything that I accomplished as a Western Australian Youth Ambassador. I learnt so much about the history of Singapore over the course of the tour, and I am quite honestly astounded about how rich and deep the Singaporean history is. I feel as though I not only travelled physically through Singapore, but also journeyed mentally from colonial Singapura to the modern day ‘Lion City.’ Becoming aware of the events that shaped one of the most urban cities in the world was an incredible opportunity, and I am truly grateful to have been able to experience this growth. Singapore provided me with many opportunities to gain an understanding of how little events that may seem very minor in the scheme of history, actually have a profound impact.
Caitlyn McKenzie
College Captain
18 May 2017

Battle Of The Giants: Who Will Win?

This term in Big Ideas, the Year Sevens are addressing the topic 'Battle Of The Giants: Making A Better World' in conjunction with the theme for this year's National History Challenge.

The students have each nominated a 'giant' - someone whom they believe has had the greatest effect on the world to date. They will be creating a museum exhibit to tell the story of this key figure and to prove their impact upon the world.

As part of this assessment process, the museum pieces will be displayed in a public exhibition on Thursday of Week 7 (June 8, 2017.) Members of the local community, older students, staff and parents will be invited to come to view the exhibition and to assist in judging the students' work.

During the exhibition, guests will 'vote' on students work. This will enable the students to collect 'battle tokens' for the final part of their project - the Battle of the Giants!
The students who produce the best exhibits will have the opportunity to enter their work in the National History Challenge later this year.
The Year Sevens have made a great start to the term and we can't wait to see what they produce for their exhibition!

Miss Emilie Reynolds
Learning Innovator

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