2018 Orientation and Transition Day

On Wednesday, 15 November 2017 Holy Cross College hosted an orientation day for students who will be new to the school in 2018. Around 230 new students from pre-primary to year seven enjoyed a fun day of activities designed to induct the students into the life of the College and build friendships in preparation for the new school year in 2018.

Parents enjoyed a tour of the facilities and an introductory seminar outlining the faith story of the College, along with details regarding the requirements and procedures for the commencement of the 2018 school year.

Students were introduced to the 2018 year-level teachers in the Junior school. A number of new staff members were present for the orientation day.

We welcome the following new Junior School teachers for 2018:
  • Joanne Wright
  • Annette Barron
  • Megan Brown
  • Anthony Davis
  • Amy Edwards
  • Deanna Russo
  • Kate Dunstan
We also welcome a number of new teachers to the Middle and Senior Schools for 2018:
  • Rachel Whan - Chemistry/Science
  • Georgina Pratt - Dance
  • Jessica Vaini - Digital Technology
  • Rachel Rafferty - English
  • Sharna Gregson - Human Biology/Science
  • Leanne Murphy - Home Economics

The demand for student places at the College has been strong with an additional stream of classes added from year two to year six for 2018. Limited places are available in some year levels for 2018.

Holy Cross College has established an excellent reputation for its contemporary approach to learning and teaching within vibrant and flexible learning spaces, underpinned by the latest educational theories and technology. The success of the approach to teaching and learning is confirmed through NAPLAN results, which show consistent value adding across the years, as well as a student receiving a General Exhibition in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) examinations. We hope to build on these outstanding achievements in 2018 and in the years to come.

We are looking forward to working together in partnership with our new students and families.

Friends of Holy Cross Quiz Night

The Friends of Holy Cross Quiz Night was held on Friday, 10 November 2017 with more than 150 parents and friends attending. The spirit was fantastic with lots of games and merriment. Many tables brought along banquets fit for royalty. Questions were well pitched with a few challenging conundrums to separate the teams. Congratulations to the winning tables and we hope you enjoy the spoils.

Mr Luke Dalglish was a masterful master of ceremonies, throwing out some great ‘dad jokes’ while keeping the night flowing. We thank Luke for his energy and talents in making for such an enjoyable night.

A special thank you goes to the organising committee, led by Michelle Francis and Sarah Dye, and their band of merry helpers:

Susan Sorensen
Jo DiPino
Tarquin Allen
Kristy Kavanagh
Rachael Dalglish
Chantelle Moodley
Krestina Puccio
Carol Wincott-Whyte
Karlee Jones
Evaschel Moodley
Josh Francis
Jessica Strange
Luke Dalglish

There was a sensational array of prizes shared across most of the tables. A big thank you goes to our families with businesses who made donations for the Quiz Night. We are very grateful to our sponsors, for without their generous donations the night would not have been such a great success.

A list of businesses that donated prizes include:

Tidy Tom’s Mowing
Metropolitan Framing
Pixel Fun educational toys
Enjo –  Lynda Adams
Scentsy – Tarquin Allen
Tupperware – Sharny
Avon – Kylie Blair
Younique – Rebecca Innes
Ellenbrook Legal -
Black Cat Cake Design
Jarrah Joint
Rita Saffioti, MLA, Member for West Swan
Jessica Shaw, MLA, Member for Swan Hills
Bunnings Ellenbrook
Romano’s Pizzeria
The Henley Brook
Empire Braids
Bali Spirit Day Spa
Smart Girls Image Consultants
Moonburra Stay
Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Swan Valley Sisters – Chalets
Tech Tonic
Physical Nutrition
Reiki Recharge
Abb Fab Hair - Julie Thompson
Fremantle Prison
Tara Yoga
The Ketone Lady – Janetta Burke
Krissy’s Kookies
Blissfully Balanced
Nutrimetics – Cinzia Franchina
Jetts Fitness
24/7 Power Fitness
Bella Sky
Save Mums Sani Tea
Twenty-Five Doors
Bindoon Men’s Shed – Ian Dickie
Tupperware – Cassandra Hemmings
Whistlers Chocolates
Yahava Koffee
Margaret River Chocolate Factory
Bennet Springs Shopping Centre
Perth Engrave - Matthew Busby
Old Youngs Distillery
Arbonne – Prunella Lourdes
Ardor Organics - Gemma Innes
Deliteful Details Graphic Design
Doterra – Lindsay Jacklin
Whiteman Park
Helen O'Grady Drama School
West Coast Gymnastics
Ella Enchanted
Forget me Not Photography
Refresh Relaxation Station
Hainault Vineyard
Peard Real Estate - Tiffany Bray

Celebrating the Joys of Teenage Boys

There are numerous articles about boys, often which focus on the “trouble with teenage boys”. Unfortunately, this negative stereotype can have a detrimental impact on boys’ self-belief and esteem. We can believe in gender equality and, at the same time, celebrate and acknowledge the joyful differences.

In 2012, Winifred Robinson, a BBC Radio presenter and journalist, shared her thoughts on the joys of teenage boys which, I think, are really pertinent today.

A shared opinion is that boisterous, uninhibited, loyal boys are in reality a joyful contrast to the too often reported stereotype of the stroppy, self-conscious, selfish and self-indulgent adolescent stereotype.

The essence of what it is to be a teenage boy is having fun with your friends and family. Teenage boys are more playful than a man, but more powerful than a child. They are full of exuberance and fun.

Teenage boyhood is a fleeting interlude — a time when boys are open to almost anything, wide-eyed and daring. We don’t often allow ourselves positive thoughts about teenage boys. Too readily we associate them with street muggings, binge drinking, education failure, sexual aggression or drugs. We tend to fear groups of lads on street corners.

Not only do teenage boys too often receive a bad press, but they are struggling to adjust to a world which, in many ways, has left them behind. Outshone by girls at school and university, if they aren’t lucky enough to be academic, they find that the well-paid manual work which used to be their domain has begun to disappear.

Despite these hurdles, most boys are completely innocent, unthreatening and a joy to be around.  Most adolescent boys today are much better equipped – emotionally and practically – to deal with relationships with people than was previous generations.

Another difference from the teens of old is that today’s teenage boys are living at a time when gender equality is expected and is to be unquestioned. They have grown up with girls as friends and regard them as equals. They also have mums who go out to work, and it’s more common for couples to share the cooking, housework and childcare, so boys will often happily do the same as they see the men in their lives doing.

However, boys suffer continually through negative comparisons with girls, the things which make them uniquely male going unnoticed or uncelebrated. Even as they approach adulthood, boys remain boisterous and childlike. Little girls often can’t wait to grow up, worrying about their appearance, eager to wear make-up and high heels. A boy, by contrast, keeps one foot in childhood well into his teens (some would say for life). For a teenage boy, starting to think about his appearance often means no more than accepting, at long last, that he should wash occasionally – and find hair product he can bear to use.

Boys sometimes can be horrible but, rather than being spiteful or nasty, they usually hurt each other physically, with a nudge or a play fight that turns serious. They can also be incredibly loyal to one another when one in the group is feeling unsure or left out. They look for things they can share, like computer games they can play without too much talking as a good way to break the ice. They are often great fun with younger children too, playing games, playing the fool and enjoying getting back down to their level.

Perhaps it is time to celebrate the wonders of teenage boys, stop comparing boys and girls and letting them be who they are on their own terms. Go on; in return they will amaze you!

Friends of Holy Cross Annual General Meeting

Parents and Guardians are invited to the Friends of Holy Cross Wine and Cheese Evening (5:30pm) and Annual General Meeting, which will be held immediately following the College Board AGM in the San Salvador Building on Tuesday, 28 November 2017.

We have all heard of the African proverb that: “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, the key to the Holy Cross Village is our parent body, The Friends of Holy Cross. The Friends of Holy Cross is an essential part of the College providing valuable support for College functions, building a positive community spirit and raising much needed funds to provide items that would not normally be afforded. The AGM is your opportunity to find out more about the success of the Friends of Holy Cross over the past year and, perhaps, nominate for a position on the Council for 2018.

Nominate to Serve on the Friends of Holy Cross Committee or Councils
The Friends of Holy Cross invites you to nominate yourself for election to serve the community as a Committee or Council member. Please notify the College Office prior to the meeting if you are willing and able to serve on the Committee or Councils. A copy of the  Friends of Holy Cross Commitment Form for 2018 was sent home with students on Friday, 10 November 2017. Additional copies are available from the College Office.

The College is grateful to the Friends of Holy Cross College for fostering such a strong community spirit and for the many fundraisers and social events undertaken throughout the year. Mrs Susan Sorenson has led the team for the past three years and has continued to build a formidable team of parents and friends. Mrs Sorensen will conclude her time as president of the Friends of Holy Cross this year and we thank her for her tireless work and outstanding leadership. If you have strong leadership skills and an enthusiasm for building community spirit, please nominate for President or for any other role that suits your interests and talents.

College Board Annual General Meeting

The Holy Cross College Board Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 commencing at 6.30pm in the San Salvador Building, immediately following the Friends of Holy Cross Wine & Cheese event.

The College Board AGM is an opportunity to gain an insight into the past year’s activities, particularly in respect to finances and capital development, as well as some understanding of the future direction of the College and the 2018 budget. Additionally, the election of new board members will be held to fill vacant positions. Membership is for two years, where members can nominate for a further two terms, but cannot serve more than six years consecutively.

Call for nominations to the College Board
Mr Adam Bolton and Mr Shane Adams complete their first two-year term. Mrs Jean Topliss leaves the Board to join the College staff in the Capacity of Business Manager. The composition of the Board will increase by one additional member, making four positions available in 2018.

Therefore, the College Board is seeking competent and dedicated people to fill four positions on the Board. If you have an interest in the future development of Holy Cross College as a College of excellence in all endeavours of Learning, Inter-relationships, Faith and Enrichment, especially with an acumen in finances and property, please indicate your intention by contacting the College Office or by completing the reply slip on the letter sent home with students on Friday, 10 November 2017.

Board members must have the ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all other members of the Board. Board members, of course, must be willing and able to give their time to Board duties. A copy of the Catholic School Board Constitution can be found on the College website or by clicking on the link below:

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