College Board

The College Board is represented by members from the parent and the wider community as well as the Principal of the College and the local Parish Priest.

The general object for which the school board is constituted is the help the College fulfil its educational responsibilities, manage all the finances associated with the College and to assist the Principal with respect to College policies and practices. 

Catholic School Board Constitution

New Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in Spring Term. Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. 

The current Board Members are Mandy Connor (Principal), Adam Bolton (Board Chairperson), Chris Sorenson (Treasurer), Steven Bennett, Rebecca Bowen, Lisa Reith, Jo Davies and Father Bonaventure (St Helena of the Cross Parish Priest).

Holy Cross College Staff reporting and attending the Board Meetings are Peter Collins (Vice Principal) and Jean Topliss (Business Manager).