Our Name

Holy Cross College was named by The Archbishop of Perth, Archbishop Barry Hickey in 2008, the Year of the Cross, formally recognising the College’s link to the wider Catholic community in Ellenbrook. 

The name provides a strong link to our Parish, St Helena of the Holy Cross, and St Helena’s Catholic Primary School given that Saint Helena had a strong devotion to the Cross.

Our Motto

The name of the College is linked directly to Christ’s death and resurrection - His transformation and redemption. And our Motto,

‘I came that they may have life and have it to the full.’  (John 10:10)

…expresses that each person should have the opportunity to ‘live life to the full’. It calls each person to develop their own gift as well as living a life of service to others.

Our Logo

Holy Cross logo

The logo is designed to represent the Cross, the central symbol of Christianity after which the College is named. 

In the logo the cross-bar takes the shape representative of a coolamon which is an Aboriginal word used to describe the vessel traditionally used by Aboriginal women to carry water, fruit and nuts and to cradle babies. It is a connection to the land and to the cultural heritage of Ellenbrook.

LIFE logo

The flames are symbolic of the transformation in the spirit of the risen Christ.

There are four flames, one for each of the central pillars of the College - Learning, Inter-Relationships, Faith and Enrichment (LIFE).