College Patron - Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero picture

In the life he lived, Oscar Romero spoke very clearly to our College Vision;

‘A Community of Transformation in the Spirit of the Risen Christ’

With great courage he embraced the journey of the cross, standing up for the poor and for justice, knowing that the cost was likely to be his own life. 

Archbishop Oscar Romero became the "bishop of the poor" for his work defending the people of El Salvador. He promised history that life, not death, would have the last word. "I do not believe in death without resurrection," he said. "If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people." Romero was assassinated, while saying Mass on 24 March, 1980.

House Patrons

In our foundation year students, staff and representatives from the College Board and Parish were involved in a process which culminated in the selection of the College and House Patrons.  The criteria for selection was:

  • Linked to our Catholic Faith story
  • Reflect the spirit of our College Vision
  • Represent one of the Pillars of the College and its Mission Statement
  • Be a person who lived a life which witnessed to Gospel values and who is an appropriate role model for young people at Holy Cross College 

The process included a Living Library during  which students interviewed representatives from Religious Orders and Catholic Service organisations to learn more about potential candidates for House Patrons. Patrons were chosen as role models for students due to their heroic achievements, strength of character and deep faith in God.

The following were selected as patrons for the College Houses after which the Houses are named:

FRAYNE HOUSE                                 LEARNING PILLAR


  • Challenging each student to achieve their personal best in an environment which values the respect and dignity of each person.


  •   Nurturing a caring, compassionate, welcoming and connected community.

McCORMACK HOUSE                          FAITH PILLAR

  • Celebrating a hope-filled Christian faith which grows from reflection and leads to justice and service.

SALVADO HOUSE                          ENRICHMENT PILLAR

  • Encouraging each person to receive the gifts of God with gratitude, cultivate them responsibly and share them lovingly with others.