Holy Cross College is a place of transformation in the spirit of the Risen Christ

We take inspiration from our College patron Oscar Romero.


As a Catholic College our Mission is to:

Empower our students to have Life to the Full (John 10:10)


The LIFE Pillars and associated Core Values, underpin our commitment to this Mission:

LEARNING – Dignity & Personal Best

Challenging each student to achieve their personal best in an environment which values the respect and dignity of each person.

We take our guidance from our House Patron Ursula Frayne

INTER-RELATIONSHIPS – Compassion & Connection

Nurturing a caring, compassionate and welcoming community.

We take guidance from our House Patron Frederic Ozanam

FAITH – Justice & Service

Celebrating a hope filled Christian faith which grows from reflection and leads to justice and service.

We take guidance from our House Patron Irene McCormack

ENRICHMENT – Gratitude & Stewardship

Encouraging each person to receive the gifts of God with gratitude, cultivate them responsibly and share them lovingly with others.

We take guidance from our House Patron Rosendo Salvado

We are a future focused learning community and intend Holy Cross College students to be visionary young people who embrace their changing world with confidence and optimism.