Holy Cross College is a Catholic school committed to celebrating a hope-filled Christian faith which grows from reflection and leads to justice and service.

Holy Cross College is a learning community founded on faith which strives to model and encourage Christian values. The College community strives to nurture a Christian environment where the faith life of each student can be developed and strengthened and lead to growth that will continue throughout life. Reflection, prayer, celebration of the Eucharist, House liturgies and liturgies to mark special occasions are integral parts of College life. It is important that as a College community we make space each day to pray – to express gratitude, hope and needs.

The faith tradition of the College is also embedded in the House structure. The House names reflect the Catholic identity of the College and the mission articulated in the four key areas - Learning, Inter-Relationships, Faith and Enrichment. Several times a year students will celebrate a House Mass.

Our Vision calls us to be a community of transformation in the spirit of the Risen Christ. As a community of transformation, we are challenged to provide an excellent and holistic education within the context of a community that embraces the Gospel message and values.

In Taking The Long View, our Strategic Compass, one of our strategic intents is to enrich and enliven the faith story of the College within a Christ-centred environment. The Evangelisation Compass will guide us in striving to do this.

Evangelisation Compass.pdf

National Catholic Education Commission for Faith Formation Mission