Our mission is to build a nurturing, caring, compassionate, welcoming and connected community.

The Friends of Holy Cross is comprised of parents, guardian, families and community members who have a passion to foster a strong school spirit by supporting the activities of the College and by raising funds to provide items that may not otherwise be afforded in the College budget.


The Friends of Holy Cross operates with the bounds of the Friends of Holy Cross Commission.

Friends of Holy Cross College Commission.pdf

In carrying out its duties, the Friends of Holy Cross is bound by the directions of the Principal and the policies and procedures of Holy Cross College, the College Board and the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA).


The Friends of Holy Cross Council has three levels of operation – ‘The Executive Council’, ‘The Council’ and four ‘Sub-councils’.

Level One - The Executive Council

The Friends of Holy Cross Executive Council is an elected body consisting of:

Position 2018
President Louise Breadsell
Vice President Sarah Love
Secretary Nicki Thomas
Treasurer Tarquin Allen
Principal or delegate (ex-officio) Vice Principal
Level Two – The Council

The Friends of Holy Cross Council is comprised of The Executive Council and all members of the Holy Cross College community willing and interested in participating and supporting the aims of the Council.

Level Three – Sub-Councils

There are four permanent sub-councils:

Council Coordinator
Learning Council Jo Frendo
Inter-relationships Council (Incl. Holy Cross Care) Liz Wiseman
Faith Council Carol Wincott-Whyte Susan Sorensen
Enrichment Council Michelle Francis Sarah Dye


Meetings are held twice per term, generally the first commencing at 6.00pm and the second being held at 9.00am.

These meetings are open to all interested parents/community members.

Executive and/or Sub-Committees may have to meet on other occasions as activities/events require.


The role of the Executive Council is to be the main coordinating body within the Friends of Holy Cross. The Executive Council, through the Treasurer, is responsible for the management of the bank account and for the allocation of funds to various projects. The Executive Council also oversees and assists with the activities of the Sub-Councils.

The main role of the Sub-Councils is to coordinate projects and activities within the College community and to provide assistance where required.

Learning Council

Supports educational events conducted by the College and organises parent educational seminars and workshops. For example: College Open Days, Book Fair, Orientation Sessions, and Parent Information Sessions.

Inter-relationships Council

Organises social opportunities to build community spirit and provides opportunities for the College community to gather. For example: College Welcome and BBQ Evening, Mothers’ Day/Fathers’ Day Breakfasts, College Feast Day, Wine and Cheese Night, and Carols by Candlelight.

Faith Council

Supports the liturgical events of the College and provides faith formation activities for parents. For example: LifeLink Sleepout, Mothers’ Day/Fathers’ Day liturgies, and Parent Camino Pilgrimage Walks.

Enrichment Council

Organises fundraising activities and supports the enrichment activities of the College. For example: Hot Cross Bun Drive, Mothers’ Day/Fathers’ Day raffles, Cross Country/Athletics Carnival Sausage Sizzles, Quiz Night, Annual Celebration Evening, and Drama Production catering.


The Friends of Holy Cross operate on the generosity of time given by parents and families. It is acknowledge that not all parents are able to attend meetings due to other commitments, however, all families are expected to make a commitment to the College in some way. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the school year where parent volunteers can provide assistance in various ways.

To indicate how you would be able to assist with the activities of the Friends of Holy Cross please complete the commitment form below and email it to fhc@holycross.wa.edu.au.

FHC Commitment Forms 2018.pdf

The Friends of Holy Cross look forward to welcoming new families each year and reconnecting with familiar faces.