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Irene McCormack – Faith

Irene McCormack was a West Australian of great faith and courage. Having worked as an educator in Western Australia for thirty years, she reflected on her life and made the decision that her faith was calling her to work with the poorest of the poor. 

Irene made the decision to go to Peru to work with the very poor - she said she was answering the challenge to ‘choose life’ in the historical circumstances of our time. Irene was murdered by Communist rebels in the village of Huasahuasi in 1991. Her 'crime' in the eyes of her murderers was caring for, working with and handing out Caritas food parcels to the impoverished villagers.

Irene McCormack was truly a woman whose faith grew from reflection and led to justice and service and it is these attributes that we name the Faith Pillar in her memory. 

As a Sister of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart she represents the enduring legacy of Mary MacKillop.

McCormack House logo

McCormack House logo

The logo includes the distinctive cross of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the order to which Irene belonged. Irene was an Australian and this is represented in the stars of the Southern Cross. A. In the McCormack logo the path up the mountain represents Irene’s courageous journey, her quest for justice which would lead to her death.