Ozanam House

Frederic Ozanam – Inter-Relationships

Throughout his life, Frederic Ozanam’s simple hope was to "become better--to do a little good." 

Living in a time of economic and social upheaval, Ozanam worked to address the needs of the poor by founding the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul. From its small beginnings in Paris, the Society of St Vincent de Paul now supports the needy in communities throughout the world. 

In naming this House after Ozanam we also acknowledge the link to the Parish and its work with the St Vincent de Paul Society which we will support. In his short life Frederic Ozanam was a man who developed a legacy of caring, compassionate and connected communities, which endures today.

Ozanam House logo

Ozanam House logo

The logo for Ozanam House depicts the hands from the St Vincent de Paul logo - these hands hold the cup of giving. Enmeshed with the cross in the Ozenam logo is an the oak tree, symbolic of the growth that can come through caring, compassionate and connected communities. From small seeds, great things grow.