Digital Learning


The future of the world and of the church belongs to the younger generation. Thus, the Catholic school should be able to offer young people the means to acquire the knowledge they need in order to find a place in a society that is strongly characterised by technical and scientific skill.

Holy Cross College, a Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium;

As a new school, Holy Cross College has had the opportunity to lead the way in the use of Digital Technologies in education.  Our College Mission calls us to be a future focused school, developing visionary young people who embrace their changing world with confidence and optimism.   We are committed to educating and encouraging students to become competent, discriminating and creative users of a range of technologies. Technology is fully integrated into all learning and teaching areas from Kindergarten to Year 12 to enhance learning and to prepare students for their role in the digital world in which we live.  As a College we are committed to promoting the dignity of the human person and, in doing so, promoting ethical and appropriate use of technology by all members of the College community.

Digital Technologies provide opportunities for:

  • greater flexibility and differentiation in meeting the needs of individual students.
  • students to take greater control of their learning as they develop skills to become independent, life-long learners.
  • engaging with new learning possibilities to extend interaction by both students and staff  with their local and global communities.

  • Holy Cross College is recognised as a leading digital school.  High quality learning and teaching experiences are the key drivers in the use of technology in the College, not the technology itself.  All students at Holy Cross College have an individual mobile device which they use as an integral part of the learning experience. Contemporary learning spaces support our concept of ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning.

    Holy Cross College has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence.