From the Board Chair

As we rapidly approach midyear, it’s an opportune time to reflect on our achievements as a school community and to look forward to our future. I was privileged to recently attend the Chairperson Conference hosted by Catholic Education WA, and it provided much food for thought regarding our future direction, from a local school community level right up to our place within the broader Catholic Education WA system. On a personal level, I was very pleased to see that our College Mission to empower our students to live ‘Life to the Full’, is aligned with the Catholic Education WA vision, to provide an environment that enables our children, staff and systems to flourish.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10)

Holy Cross College embodies these words on so many levels, from our strategic compass “The Long View’, to our building, construction and planning of purpose built, state of the art learning environments, to innovative teaching methods, to our rich culture centred around the four Life Pillars, and of course, to the wonderful community events hosted by the Friends of Holy Cross.

In aspiring to their vision, the Catholic Education WA system is evolving and embarking on digital transformation through LEADing Lights, a digital ecosystem designed to connect students, teachers, principals, resources, support networks and parents. LEADing Lights will foster a powerful social learning community and equip students with 21st century technologies and learning skills.

Our future is about enabling our children to engage, be empowered and grow within a connected Catholic Education community and a world class education system. Our College embodies these values in our Vision, and as we face a future with many changes at both a local and broader level, Oscar Romero inspires us to flourish and grow as “A Community of Transformation in the Spirit of the Risen Christ”.  

Adam Bolton
College Board Chair

College Board 2017

The Holy Cross College Board operates under the Catholic School Board Constitution WA and is accountable to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.

The Board is responsible for the present and future planning of the College, including the management of finances, capital development and Government and System compliance requirements. The College Board has developed the Strategic Compass to guide its deliberations and set the priorities for the Annual School Improvement Plan. From time to time, the Board’s functions may also include membership on selection panels for School leaders, including the appointment of the Principal.

The composition of the 2017 College Board is:
  • Mr Adam Bolton – Board Chair
  • Mrs Jean Topliss – Treasurer
  • Mr Chris Sorenson
  • Mr Shane Adams
  • Louise Breadsell – Friends of Holy Cross nominee
  • Ms Mandy Connor – Principal
  • Fr Bonaventure – Parish Priest
In Attendance:
  • Mr Peter Collins – Vice Principal
  • Ms Jacquie Sanders – Business Manager
  • Mr Paul Murphy – Deputy Principal, Enrichment
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